Creating blockchain software for creatives

Live and let live, freely


For the creatives who lead humanity’s progress. The thinkers, the creators, the artists, the authors, the coders… the free beings.

Whichever field you push the boundaries in and paint outside the lines, our platforms equip you with the tools you need to uphold your economic and creative freedoms.


Built on blockchain-based software, to support censorship-resistance and freedom-centric models.

Integrating cryptocurrency, to create new economies, based on free-market principles.

Meet the founders

Innocent Mwatsikesimbe


Innocent fell in love with coding at the age of 14. Solving problems became his motivation and throughout the years he pursued that endeavor through writing (to understand himself and the world around him better) and coding to implement solutions.

Discovering cryptocurrency and blockchain was life-changing for him, in that other people out there in the world had solved problems he had been thinking about for a long time and revealed opportunities for him to apply himself to creating solutions that would further the freedoms and opportunities the technology introduced.

It all culminated in the creation of LLC, through which he plans to further the pursuit of freedom that Bitcoin introduced to the world through its use of technology and upholding of principles he believes are vital to sustainable human existence.

He met his life partner @ladymwatsi and the two of them set out to make their vision a reality.

He is working on a number of protocols for the Hive blockchain and founded LLC to leverage that blockchain (and other solutions) to empower free beings to uphold their economic and creative freedoms.

He currently serves as CEO and Blockchain Developer of LLC.

Maleeba Mwatsikesimbe


Maleeba is a free being at heart, having vast experience in multiple disciplines including finance, marketing, language and philanthropy.

She has worked to get numerous startups started from the ground up throughout the years, serving roles in recruitment, training, sales and marketing. Heading her own startup was her life’s goal.

Meeting @imwatsi set off a chain reaction of events that led to them jointly creating LLC to pursue greater freedoms and effect positive change in the world, through the use of decentralized financial and expressive technologies.

She has a passion for teaching and equipping people with skills and knowledge to reach their economic freedoms. With LLC, she aims to support young entrepreneurs in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space, as she found her own freedom within that space.

She currently serves as COO and Marketing Specialist of LLC.

Our projects

Hive DEX

Market data for the Hive blockchain’s internal decentralized exchange.

Status: Live

Plug & Play

A turnkey tool to extract and process custom data sets from the Hive blockchain and create APIs for them.

Status: Live

Global Notification System

A notification system for dApps on the Hive blockchain.

Status: Beta

Hive Attention Tokens

A protocol for attention tokens on the Hive blockchain.

Status: Pre-alpha

The team

Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

CEO | Blockchain Developer

Maleeba Mwatsikesimbe

COO | Marketing Specialist

Chance Desire IRADUKUNDA

Web3 Frontend Developer

Blessing Mwatsikesimbe

Graphic Designer

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